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Welcome to DuoWaifu!

          This is the new site for AsianAlison. We rebranded to DuoWaifu since most of our content are duo instead of solo now, wink wink 😉. Going forward all of our sexy photos and videos will be uploaded here as well as more casual blog updates.

          Check out the latest photo "Disc VI" here, have fun! 🥰:

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We have been making sexy content  since early 2022. There are enough photos and videos now that making our own site makes more sense than sticking to 3rd party hosting sites like OF. These sections will be build up one by one, so check back often:

                               - Playroom

                               - Member's section

                               - Forum section

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           Every 8 image and video sets are put into a "Disc", there are currently 6 "Discs" totaling 48 sets. About half of the photos sets and shorter videos will be free to view and download. The rest of the photos and full videos will be put into members section once it goes live.

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